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2023 Speakers

Blockchain Boy

Joshua Jake

Co-Founder of @cryptoknightio400k+ on TikTok

Bob Bodily

Co-Founder & CEO of Toniq Labs

Rick Porter

Co-Founder & CEO of DSCVR

Dan Ostrovsky

Founder & CEO of NFID

Jordan Last

Founder of Demergent Labs

Austin Fatheree

CTO of ORIGYN & Director of

Igor Ilic

Ex ConsenSys Tech Lead & Ex Dfinity Dev

David Dal Busco

Creator of Juno

Houman Shadab

Co-founder of ICME

Luke Dugdale

CEO & Founder of Funded

LC (laura) Cole

Blockchain attorney at International Blockchain Legal, LLP

Barry Paisley

Founder & CEO of Canistore

Mike Schwartz

Co-Founder of ORIGYN

Jesse Friedman

Co-host of Neurotic Podcast & founder of Taco NFTs

Cédric Waldburger

Founder of Code & State and Tomahawk.VC

Michael So

CTO at AstroX

2023 Panelists

Simranjeet Singh

Product & Business Development at GSR

Philipp Stauffer

Co-Founder & Managing Partner of FYRFLY

David Fisher

Managing Partner at 9Yards

Tom Serres

Managing Partner of Warburg Serres

Roald Parmentier

Investments at Allusion

2023 Partners

About ICPCC 2023

May 16 & 17 — Florida

The 1st conference for the Internet Computer ecosystem, was hosted by Code & State and Vibrant at the iconic Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL.

Details for the 2024 conference are yet to be announced, sign up here for updates.

What to Expect

  • Networking with founders & investors
  • Insightful keynotes from top innovators
  • Live startup pitches
  • Interactive Showcases
  • Physical & Digital Web3 Swag

Day 1 (May 16)


  • Kick-off Event – Jesse Friedman
  • “BTC & Ordinals on ICP” – Bob Bodily
  • “Wild Wild Web3: Navigating the legal landscape for the Internet Computer” – Laura Cole
  • “From spare time to the IC: How I built and launched Juno” – David Dal Busco
  • “The Zero-Knowledge Economy” – Houman Shadab


  • Investor Panel Q&A
  • ICP Startup Pitch Event
  • “How to pitch the Internet Computer” – Cédric Waldburger


  • Free Time & Casino Night

Day 2 (May 17)


  • What you can’t do anywhere else: ICP – Luke Dugdale
  • “Leveraging Social Media: The Key To ICP’s Success” – Blockchain Boy & Joshua Jake
  • “Licensing as a protocol & rights as tokens: How web3 is redefining intellectual property” – Barry Paisley
  • “From ERC4337 to Canister, Smart Contract Wallets New Paradigm & Best Practices” – Michael So
  • What would ICP Maximal World look like? – Austin Fatheree


  • “Social Fabric: Weaving a digital tapestry of Web3 social networks” – Rick Porter
  • “Migrating Global Commerce to Web3 (yes, WE can)” – Mike Schwartz
  • “Why I’m Still Here and Where I’m Going” – Jordan Last
  • “From Flesh To Code: The fate of humanity in the era of digitization” – Dan Ostrovsky
  • “Growing an L1 Community” – Igor Ilic
  • Wrap-up Session – Cédric Waldburger


  • The Closing Party!

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